Introducing the Dominican Haircare Blog

We are very excited to be starting the new Dominican Haircare blog!  You can look forward to plenty of interesting hair industry news where we will explore what’s new and what’s up and coming.  We will also give you vital hair product information and hints and tips on the different chemical processes and how to avoid hair damage.  Of course, we’ll also give you professional hair style ideas, styling advice including the do’s and don’ts and take look at what’s trending so you’re kept up to the minute.  Every now and then we will give you all a very special offer code to redeem against your next purchase too so why not subscribe now?

The beauty of the luxury haircare products from the Dominican Haircare range is their suitability for all hair types.  It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick, coarse Afro Caribbean or Caucasian, fine or curly, short or long there is something for everyone and we take haircare very seriously.  We’ve tried and tested every single product, not just once either – we’ve used them over a period of time to truly understand the benefits and see the long term results for ourselves. Our brand is all about hair health, making your hair look and feel just incredible and giving you the confidence to shine!  Every product is high performance and it will come as no surprise that our products are often the haircare products of choice by the industry professionals especially in the USA and the Caribbean where they are market leaders.

So whether you have dry, dull and damaged hair or fine, flyaway locks, perhaps you are desperate to beat frizz and static or you’re worried about hair thinning -there’s nothing we can’t help you to achieve, it’s all about the Dominican Haircare products!  Each product is carefully infused and fortified with essential vitamins, packed with vital antioxidants and has specially selected proven natural ingredients known for their excellence in hair nourishment.  The results? Delivering phenomenal, head-turning hair with plenty of volume, softness and unbeatable shine often in just one wash!  Like we said – we are very excited about our blog because we are thrilled with our products.

So as well as using our products, you can look forward to a host of interesting hair-related subjects on our blog and fulfil your dreams of amazing, film-star hair.  We will be publishing something fabulously interesting weekly. Subscribing to our blog will ensure each topic arrives into your inbox as soon it is published so don’t forget to fill in your details to read about the following:

Blog Schedule

Next week we will be talking about the effects of chemical processing on your hair including hair dying and perms, and how to reverse any damage caused by these often harsh treatments.

On the 15th November we will be publishing ideas for how to style your hair for all of those Christmas parties you’ve been invited to and we’ve got some great hints on how to get your hair party-ready straight from the office!

We will also be reporting on what’s new in the hair industry so you know what trends are on the way and we discuss the differences between hair re-bonding and hair relaxing.

To complete the November series of blogs we will report on the current social media buzz around anything hair related.

Dominican Haircare sells direct to trade and we also sell direct to the public through our online shop.  If you want to know where you can buy the products locally to where you live, our dedicated customer services team will be able to help you.

Looking forward to you joining our blogging community – Watch this space!