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Our Dominican hair relaxer brands straighten, soften and smooth your hair without leaving it looking thin, limp and lifeless. Using the wrong type of hair relaxer on your hair can cause terrible damage, dryness, brittleness and even breakage. Hair that used to be vibrant and full can be left weak, lacklustre and riddled with split ends. Dominican Haircare takes the process of relaxing hair extremely seriously. Using the hair relaxing formulas in our collection promises luscious sleek, smooth and glossy hair that looks healthy, feels strong, soft and straighter.

Abundant in vitamins, minerals and some containing silicones and keratin, hair is strengthened and retains more body. Frizz and sponginess is eliminated and moisture is locked in so the results are astounding and permanent. There are a number of different formulas including no-lye relaxer kits and lye relaxers.

All contain hydrolysed proteins to strengthen hair as it is chemically straightened.

Suitable for use on all hair types. Always ensure your hair is in healthy condition before any form of chemical processing. Relaxers should only be applied by trained, qualified professionals.

Our Dominican relaxer brands include:
Lisoboe (Lye hair relaxer)

Silicon Mix (Lye hair relaxer)

SuaviPelo (No lye relaxer kits)

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