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Crece Pelo

This is an innovative and one of the best hair growth products for all hair-types that is designed especially to encourage hair growth and avoid excessive hair .It is the first ever and only phytotherapeutic treatment from the Caribbean and it contains all-natural extracts and active ingredients from 15 different varieties of plants. Each plant has been selected for their hair growth stimulating properties.

For those who are seeking fuller and thicker hair, this has shown dramatic results time and again. The ingredients all have compatible properties to stimulate micro-circulation in the scalp which in turn promotes better scalp circulation which leads to more nourished hair follicles that can produce healthy hair. This encourages faster hair growth and a healthy scalp.

Additionally, the ingredients are also designed to prevent breakage so that hair feels nourished with good elasticity and is healthy, silky-soft, flexible not to mention full of body & bounce. This hair growth treatment range comprises of the following products:

Crece Pelo Shampoo 12oz
Crece Pelo Rinse 12oz
Crece Pelo Hair Treatment 16oz, 2lb and 4lb
Crece Pelo Leave-in Conditioner 12oz, 4oz
Crece Pelo Bottle 20ml
Crece Pelo Oil Dropper 4oz

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