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This range is a superb selection of hair care products from the Dominican Republic. It is made up of moisturising and fortifying shampoos, intensive leave-in conditioners and serums all designed to leave hair glossy and healthy. Every product has been carefully created for hair that needs to return back to optimum health. Hair will feel lustrous, smooth, shiny and soft as well as having improved elasticity after using this range. Each Silicon Mix conditioner contains a combination of ingredients including Keratin which intensely repairs hair from the very root to the end and provides it with the necessary vitamins and minerals to boost health.

One of the Silicon Mix hair product ranges uses Bambu (bamboo) as a natural product which regenerates hair and helps to stimulate the hair to grow longer and stronger. Another uses a natural marine product, PEARL extract which rejuvenates and fortifies. Hair is stronger resulting in less breakage and split ends, which is the perfect solution for those trying to grow hair longer or increase length retension. Another vital ingredient is silicone which gives each strand a noticeable shine and improves hair’s health. The silicone also helps to seal in moisture so that hair is left hydrated and moisturised.

Silicon Mix also contains Ceramides which are lipids (or oils) found in the hair’s cuticle. These lipids act as cement, keeping the different cuticle layers bonded together. These are particularly beneficial to chemically damaged or processed hair as they increase the hair’s resistance to breakage.
This range consists of the following silicon mix conditioner, shampoos and leave in conditioners:
Silicon Mix Intensive Hydrating Treatment 60oz, 36oz, 16oz, 8oz
Silicon Mix Intensive Hydrating Shampoo 46oz, 16oz, 8oz
Silicon Mix Intensive Hydrating Conditioner
Silicon Mix Hydrating Gotas Brillo (Hair Serum) 4oz
Silicon Mix Protein de Perla Treatment 60oz, 36oz, 16oz, 8oz
Silicon Mix Protein de Perla Leave-In Conditioner 8oz, 4oz
Silicon Mix Protein de Perla Shampoo 36oz, 16oz, 8oz
Silicon Mix Bambu Conditioner 60oz, 36oz, 16oz, 8oz
Silicon Mix Bambu Leave-In Conditioner
Silicon Mix Bambu Shampoo 36oz, 16oz
Silicon Mix Bambu Gotas Brillo (Hair Polish Serum) 4oz
Silicon Mix Hair Relaxer Super 16oz & Regular 8oz


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