Easy Christmas 2015 hairstyles

With party season almost here you’re probably organising your outfits, accessories and make-up not to mention wondering what to do with your hair! It’s especially hard to get ready straight from the office if that’s your last stop before the festivities so it’s important to be extra organised and have a few hair tricks up your sleeve. At Dominican Haircare we’re going to make it easy for you with four fail-safe easy hairdos to take you from PC to party in no time!  Obviously time is important so these are quick leaving you more time to concentrate on getting to the venue on time and letting your hair down (unless it’s been put up of course!)


Firstly though, always prepare your hair so the morning of the party or night before, wash and treat your hair using our products to get the best out of them. This is especially important if you’re going to use heat as you don’t want to dry out hair or damage it.  Also make sure you’ve packed a bag full of hair essentials depending on the hairdo you want to achieve, pack your styling tools, hairspray, heat protecting spray and some moisturising oil drops to make sure your hair looks party-perfect.  Here are a few of our favourite products for pre-party hair:

  • Start with Argan Oil shampoo which nourishes hair and gives it unbeatable shine
  • Alter Ego Coconut Mask, following washing hair give hair an extra special treat with this replenishing, repairing and softening mask which guarantees your hair will look tip-top for the big night
  • Silicon Mix Leave-In conditioner this will make sure your hair is soft, supple and silky beautiful.  It conditions and shines and protects hair against chemicals, perfect if you’re going to apply heat
  • Finish with Silicon Mix Gotas Brillo hair serum to smooth down any unwanted frizz and give body and shine

So now for the fun part!

Easy Hairstyle Number One

For medium or short hair. Buy a faux pony tail to match your hair colour. Slick your hair back and use some hair serum to keep it in place. Tie your hair back and CLUP the pony tail in, secure with a fake hair band to match and you are ready to go in moments. It couldn’t be easier or less damaging to your hair!

Easy Hairstyle Number Two

For all lengths. Bring on the curling wand! A good quality ceramic or tourmaline wand will curl hair in seconds but make sure you use a heat protecting spray on dry hair first to avoid damage. Wands are better than curling irons as they don’t clamp the hair so less damage is caused. Section out your hair carefully and wind your hair round the barrel, hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat all over. Longer hair is best suited to a longer wand barrel and shorter hair to a shorter one! Add some sparkle with pretty crystal clips and you’re ready to go!

Easy Hairstyle Number Three

If you have long, straight hair and you’re wondering what you can do to make it look different – change your parting to a low side parting.  Take a generous amount of hair from the top of your head, lower the parting on the left or right hand side as you prefer so it sweeps over the side of your face, gather the hair at the base of your neck but pull it over to one of your shoulders (like a low side pony tail) and fix it in place so it cascades down one side.  You could add some curl here too using a curling wand or plait it into a chunky braid.  Spray it in place for a sexy, easy party style.

Easy Hairstyle Number Four

For medium and long hair. What about a messy top-knot?  If you have a lot of hair it’s easy to achieve.  Gather up all your hair into a very high pony tail and secure with a band.  Then take a donut band and place it over the pony tail.  Spread your hair over the donut leaving a shallow hole in the middle.  Gather up the rest of the hair that is around the edge of the donut and secure with another band, tucking in excess hair and fixing with clips.  Then loosen the top knot gently to mess it up a little.  Finish with some sparkly hair accessories and a spritz of hair spray.

Easy Hairstyle Number Five

For short hair. Fed up of your short hair? Change your hair in a minute by slicking it back.  It’s no fuss hair, just let your make-up tell the story.

Easy Hairstyle Number Six

For medium or long length hair, channel your inner hippie and divide your hair into a centre parting.  Next take a section at one side of the parting and plait the length.  Secure with a band.  Do the same on the other side then take the two plaits and loosely pull to the back of your head.  Simply secure the two plaits together at the bottom with a hairband and add a pretty accessory.  This is a laid back, soft approach and takes a few minutes.  You could use a curling wand if your hair is straight and you want more of a transformation.  Adding in curl gives a glamorous finish.