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BOE Argan oil

Get soft, silky hair that actually lasts.

 And try it first for FREE!

If your hair is dry and damaged from the effects of chemical treatments or dyes, you’ve probably tried at least one method of fixing it. But since you’re here, we’re willing to bet that treatment didn’t work, or didn’t last, and you were once again left with that dull, damaged or lifeless hair.
Our Argan Oil hair products were created for people just like you.
And right now, you can try them out for free!
Dominican Haircare’s luxurious line of Argan hair oil products will bring back the life in your hair, by adding the nutrients and moisture your hair loves.
If you’ve been using other hair care products, chances are they don’t make a lasting impression.
But with the Argan hair mask, one treatment will leave your hair feeling softer and more silky — even after you’ve washed it several times.
We’re so convinced that you’ll get lasting results from our Argan oil hair mask and other Argan oil products, that we’re letting you try it for free.
Simply fill out this simple form and we’ll send you samples of the Argan Oil hair mask.
With our Argan oil products, you can leave that dry, brittle and damaged hair behind.
And since it’s free to try, what do you have to lose?

Sorry – This Offer Is No Longer Available